Off the Beaten Path

Street Photography Tour

Photography Training 2 Hours 1-8 People

Off the Beaten Path

Do you want to see the real Cancun? This tour is for you. The off the beaten path photography tour is designed for the adventurous, the photographer who wants to get away from the tourist traps and see the city from a locals point of view. Our guide will take you wherever you want to go in Cancun, there are no timelines, not set stops. You tell your guide what types of photography you want to shoot, what types of places you want to see and he will take you there. Walk through the city of Cancun with a local expert and see the beauty of Cancun through our lens. The street photography tour is completly customizable and your guide will take you to many different areas of Cancun, you will see places that most tourists don't get to see.

Amazing Photos

Professional Guide

Private Transportation

Photos to Keep

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Trip Itinerary

Main Stops on our Tour

Downtown Cancun
We will take you on a driving tour around Centro Cancun, highlighting many of the great locations for photography and some of the tourist destinations
The Heart of Cancun
We will take you to see the lesser travelled areas of Cancun so that you can see where the locals live, smaller markets, parks and life in Urban Cancun.
Where you want to go
The best part of the off the beaten path tour is there is no restriction. Our guide is a local who can take you anywhere you want to go in Cancun. You tell him what you want to see, what you want to photograph, and he will take you there.

Adult Prices

  1. Adult - $199
  2. Adults - $149/person
  3. Adults - $129/person
  4. Adults - $119/person
  5. +Adults - $99/person

Children (5-17) - $49

Children (0-4) - Free

  • Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off 
  • Private Transportation 
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable English Speaking Guide
  • Photography Training, Tips and Tricks
  • Photos taken by your guide during your tour
  • Customizeable -  We can stop anywhere you want to stop during your tour
  • Food and Beverages
  • Gratuities

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September 2018
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"I had a private guide for 4 hours and he was extremely knowledgeable and took me to places that I would never have gone by myself, completely safe and very authentic. I would recommend Cancun Photo Walks to anyone who wants exceptional photos and dependable and very friendly guides.”
Richard M
Trip Advisor

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Got a better idea? We'll take you wherever you want to go.
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